Technical Knowledge

You will find on this page all informations about the technical aspects of the project : done, current and coming works, questioning, etc.

We proceed step by step to do a meticulous work. However, by being several people, it’s possible to do several steps at the same times and so reach our goal faster.

You’ll also find technical aspects with which we need your help or comments.

Those informations will be update according the progress of the project, stay tuned !

Works done :

Since the project’s started in 2010, we are always looking for informations about everything that concerns the stargate™ franchise and building materials. At present we have at hand almost everything to begin big works;  we know where and how to proceed.

For now, we :

– Finished the theoretical part (informations, specific knowledge, tests) after over 3 years of researches.

– Created a pictures’ database which includes all visuals informations : Picture’s database.

– Made a mold of our original backpanel, the piece we got at auction. Then we did some casts with this mold.

– Got, through an exchange, many recasts from original pieces, and we made/will make some molds of them (chevrons, frontpanel, etc).


Current works :

We’re still making casts of the backpanel and are looking for the last piece of the stargate™ we don’t have : the frieze; more details are available at the bottom of this page.

Coming works :

Molding/Casts :

We’ve got from our contact in England (Andy19422) a front piece “Frontpanel”, a complete chevron and some others pieces. We will soon create a mold of each piece, and then recast them, but before that we have to make some modifications.

Internal metallic structure :

The Stargate™ can’t stand without a strong and well thought internal structure. This will inevitably be a triangular structure, as on the picture. We must therefore consider the distribution of loads, widen its base to prevent under any circumstances a falling, think about something quick to assemble and handy for wiring, sound, pistons and lights. After th the theoretical part, that will be a work of cutting and welding to create this structure.

Programming and electronic :


This is an introduction about the stargate™ electronic part : everything is supposed to turn on 12v in order to use the gate outside, without other power supply than battery. We’ should also have a 120v power supply transformed into 12v in order not to drain the battery when it’ll be connected to power supply. The mounting will include the lights, the main chevron’s movement, sounds effects, all managed by computer.

The idea is to use a Raspberry Pi which will have a virtual light console (Freestyler, Magic Q or any compatible freeware DMX). This one sends informations to a box/cable able to change those informations in DMX protocol (norma in scenic lighting). Once this is done, the DMX signal transfers to a LED dimmer with multiple entries to manage lighting of each chevrons. So we could split the signal in order to send it directly to the main chevron’s motor. If the RasPi is able to manage at the same time, we’ll use a 5.1 system which imitates the stargate™’s sounds: when it spins, when the chevrons are encoded. The RasPi will have to be manage by Wifi or Bluetooth through an other computer. Maybe later through a DHD itself…(because we have the opportunity to get one).

I want you to know that we could add a skin to the computer’s management software, like the dialing adress simulator (the one used in the SGC) which’s available on internet. We have few leads about the main chevron movement too, but they are purely theoretical. We wouldn’t like to have to use a compressor, because too much noise. Using an other electronic/mechanical way like a servomotor or a motor would be better.

Translation :


This blog is available in 2 languages: French & English. If there is some brave people among you to translate in other language, that will be a real good thing because we would be able to touch a larger public. You can translate in a language which is or not your mother tongue, in any case you must really have a very good level / knowledge (and patience).

Frieze :


For now, we have all stargate pieces needed for the building, except the frieze. This part is on the external edge of the ring and composed of many geometrical forms.

The part on the picture is the Stargate Atlantis™ version, we are looking for the SG-1 version.

According to what we know so far, the SG1 frieze has been sold – there was 9 parts of it – during the auctions of all stargate™ items.

Besides the frieze, if you have high quality pictures of the stargate™ glyphs, this is also very useful, we’ll have to make them soon.

How to make your contribution :

If you have technical knowledge you wish to share, or simply give us some help, don’t hesitate to talk to us, send an email to or visit/share our forum or facebook group.

As you could imagine by reading this page, we need help from people in different fields, you are free to propose ideas, advices, suggestions.

You can also go to the association’s facebook page, like, share and encourage us.

The aim of this project is to be participatory. Those who’ll like to be part of the team, learn, support, exchange advices, are welcome !

Well, you know almost everything.

Hoping to see you soon !



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