The Team

Quentin Brichet : Founder / President / Brains / a bit nuts / Staff


I am handling about the building of the project i am the “source” of it. I am fascinated about everything around technical jobs in movies and theaters. More specifically i love to work on set and accessories and also make up, specials effect. About my job, i am techniciste, i handle things about lights, sounds, machinery, set, video in show world (Theater, concert, etc).

I am a team member of SIDH, this is an association of role-playing games in Geneva that organize life-size games all over the year. That’s a mainspring for me, once the stargate™ done i hope we could organize a big life-size game in this theme.

I am interested a lot by science fiction because it brings in a playful way questioning about the human behaviour, inspire from science and learn us things, imagine revolutionnary inventions that became a lot reality. It is as much a source of hope as a way to warn against the possible drift of our populaiton.

Bertrand Wagon : Computer graphic designer / Edward scissorhands / Staff


Website :

Now studying in computer graphics at Pole 3D at the north of France.

I am a stargate™ fan since the very beginning et was always interested in this huge ring. I often drew it in 3D, based on the officiel data.

I discovered this project which attracted me a lot by his daring. It’s also something that I always dreamed to make or follow. And I also love manual work, I do some model making.

So I get involved in the project by sharing the 3D models which I realized with SkechUp software, by giving my know-how in computer graphics and by following closely the progress. Most of the used visuals are from me.

Julien Guyard : Public Relations / Jarvis / Staff


Hi, Julien, for now 23 years old, and all my teeth !

I get involved in the association since April 2013 at the time of the backpanel’s molding !

A hell of a team by the way ! (just between us). I knew the project by surfing on internet.

As a lot of people, I followed the adventures of the SG1 team over many websites, and after a working year in events, as a stargate™ fan, I had to bring my contribution somewhere, that’s why I set my cap for this project.