The Team

Quentin Brichet : Founder / President / Brains / a bit nuts / Staff


I am handling about the building of the project i am the “source” of it. I am fascinated about everything around technical jobs in movies and theaters. More specifically i love to work on set and accessories and also make up, specials effect. About my job, i am techniciste, i handle things about lights, sounds, machinery, set, video in show world (Theater, concert, etc).

I am a team member of SIDH, this is an association of role-playing games in Geneva that organize life-size games all over the year. That’s a mainspring for me, once the stargate™ done i hope we could organize a big life-size game in this theme.

I am interested a lot by science fiction because it brings in a playful way questioning about the human behaviour, inspire from science and learn us things, imagine revolutionnary inventions that became a lot reality. It is as much a source of hope as a way to warn against the possible drift of our populaiton.

Cyrielle Cordt-Moller : Secretary / Translator / Teacher Cyrielle / Staff


Also member of SIDH, i fell in science fiction by meeting Quentin.

It’s without hesitating that i dashed on this project with him, because like the originality, the dream and the discovery.

Original, this project is it in 200%, the dream is in everything that SF represent, as for new experiences, between molding, painting, management and so much more, i think that everyone can feel hands filled with various knowledge when the project will come to an end

I am handling, writing, correcting and translate in two languages the blog while helping actively in the big works and some “stuff” about administration.

I am also the association’s president.

Benjamin Kern : Treasurer / Clown / Staff


Having obtained a Bachelor of electronic at the EPFL, he began this year a Master. Besides, he participes in life size roleplaying games since many years et loves crazy projects.

Always motivated to help, he follows carefully our progress since the beginning, waiting to be useful with the electronic system.

He is the association’s treasurer.



Bertrand Wagon : Computer graphic designer / Edward scissorhands / Staff


Website :

Now studying in computer graphics at Pole 3D at the north of France.

I am a stargate™ fan since the very beginning et was always interested in this huge ring. I often drew it in 3D, based on the officiel data.

I discovered this project which attracted me a lot by his daring. It’s also something that I always dreamed to make or follow. And I also love manual work, I do some model making.

So I get involved in the project by sharing the 3D models which I realized with SkechUp software, by giving my know-how in computer graphics and by following closely the progress. Most of the used visuals are from me.

Julien Guyard : Public Relations / Jarvis / Staff


Hi, Julien, for now 23 years old, and all my teeth !

I get involved in the association since April 2013 at the time of the backpanel’s molding !

A hell of a team by the way ! (just between us). I knew the project by surfing on internet.

As a lot of people, I followed the adventures of the SG1 team over many websites, and after a working year in events, as a stargate™ fan, I had to bring my contribution somewhere, that’s why I set my cap for this project.


Ian Lortteil : Sunday’s handyman / Staff


Down from my 23 years old, I study at the Geneva university, in eduction’s science faculty.

I love games in general, and notably the lifesize role play.

I discovered Stargate SG-1™ a decade ago and I’ve followed the series since and the spin-offs as well.

The project to create a full size stargate™ interests me a lot, so I joined the working team.

Having no preliminary knowledge in cast or molding, I feel that I’ve already learned an awful lot of things, and I am delighted to see the building progress of this Chappa’ai !


Jicé Ash : “You have beautiful eyes, you know!” / Staff Comic Con 2013


I follow a vocational training to become a stage techniscien, I’m also technical manager of a little theater, I’m in this professional arena since childhood. I love cinema and theater, I’m always very interested to learn everything and anything on these two domains.

I discovered this project thanks to Quentin because we do the same training. The idea attracted to me immediately because it’s very well thought and very well managed.

I like science fiction and enjoy Stargate™. I discovered this universe when the first movie was released and I had a good time in discover the series. I’m also fan of props, that’s something I love because it’s a big and meticulous work. Although I have never made some, I am very admiring. So I take also part in this project because the fabrication process of the Stargate™ is interesting.

Yoan Falquet : Electronic part manager / Tony Stark


I finished my training of It specialist, I like computers but also cats (and my girlfriend). I am not a huge fan of the stargate™ franchise (I don’t even look the first show), that’s the “technical feat” which attracts me the most. I am supposed to manage electronic and informatics stuff for the gate, the small lights and everything. As president of the association SIDH, I’m delighted to wait for the moment when we could write a Stargate™ lifesize role play.




Thibault Viglino : Videos and photo maker


With a graphic designer’s CFC in decorative art, he knows how to do websites, edit photos and make videos… when he has time for it.

The serie represents all his childhood and he should have seen at least every episode 7 times. As an association’s member and fan, he helps with its financial support. It’s also a great friend of Quentin, so, jokes and references about the serie come from all sides when they meet and spend time together.




Timothée Ducommun: Architect / Small Arms / Teddy bear


After a draftsman’s CFC in buildings, he’s now in 2nd year of Bachelor in architecture. He helps us with the project because :

– “Quentin is a buddy”

– Because he likes “Do-it-yourself” and is interested in all the organization, the implementation and various technics.

– And also because “Stargate™ is a cool show”.



Lio Amiguet : Website creator / Webmaster


Hello, my name is Lionel, 22 years old, I landed on the project during a random meeting with Quentin who managed to make revive within me this curiosity and this astonishment for Stargate™. Always ready to help when I can, I’m here unwittingly (no I’m joking) to handle the creation of a real website for the association. Well, because making websites, that’s my job !






Fabien Bourquin :Escargaut” / Staff Comic Con 2013


Right now, I’m a student in master’s degree in electric and electronic engineering in EPFL. I am a biker too and appreciate the world of video games.

Without being a huge fan of the show, I discovered the project thanks to Benjamin and I came on the Comic Con’s booth in 2013. I still don’t realize the enormous investment which is provided by the team and continues to be developped with doggedness. That’s beautiful !