Difference between Active members and Supporting members

Difference between Active and Supporting Member

Why two types of members?

For several reasons, the most important is a matter of simple organization. It’s indeed probable that if we invite all our members to our general meetings, they’ll be only a few because too geographicaly disperced. And, in this case, we should manage disclaimers and proxies in large numbers, which would make the AGM difficult to lead.

Another reason is that in this way the members who can vote will be the most involved members in the association and therefore whom its future means a lot.

We state that the active member status will of course easy to get because the aim is not to ignore the aids or give power to a few insiders, but to make things easier. So Helping either theoretically or practically, a member easily get active status and without going through an obstacle course.

Likewise the supportive members will be present as well to the AGMs and speaking. Also, any proposal or notice of a support member will be considered in the same way as an active member.


The EMG Committee.

The Status modifiactions :


Article 4 : Supportive Member

Individuals or groups who are interested in the aims of the Association may become supportive members. Requests for admission should be addressed to the Committee, which admits new members and informs the General Assembly.

Article 5 : Coming in

Each Member entering recognizes the statutes and decisions of the competent organs. Membership is acquired by the payment of the contribution and after acceptance of the application by the Committee / General Assembly

Article 6 : Active Members

The active membership can be given to a supporting member after a decision from at least two commission members or at least one member of the commission and an active member.

Article 10 : General Assembly

The supreme leadership of the Association is the General Assembly. It consists of all active members of the Association.

Article 12 : Dates, requets, extraordinary Assembly

The Annual General Meeting occurs each year. The date and agenda

must be communicated in writing to all active members at least three weeks in advance.

A special meeting may be held by the Committee, or at the request

at least 1/5th of the members entitled to vote.

 Article 13 : Voting, elections

Each active individual or group member has one vote. The cumulative voting is prohibited. In case of equality of votes, the Chairman decides. Votings and elections are held in hands. They are held by secret ballot if at least 1/5th of the active members so request. In case of an excused absence excused at the AGM, a member may give his vote by proxy.


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