Statutes of the Association “Les Enfants de Mac Gyver”

STATUTES of the Association

« Les Enfants de Mac Gyver » – « The Children of Mac Gyver »

General points

Article 1 : Name

Under the name of “Children of MacGyver” is made a non-profit association in accordance with the Articles 60 and following of the Swiss Civil Code.

Article 2 : Headquarter and duration

The headquarter of the association is located in 5 chemin des Lilas-Blancs 1225 Chêne-Bourg, in the canton of Geneva. Its duration is unlimited.

Article 3 : Aims

The manage to create a replica of Stargate™ (part sets the “Stargate SG-1™” series ) equivalent to the original by the materials used and the visual association aims.


Article 4 : Supporting Members

Individuals or groups who are interested in the aims of the Association may become supportive members. Requests for admission should be addressed to the Commission, which admits new members and informs the General Assembly.

Article 5 : Coming in

Each Member entering recognizes the statutes and decisions of the competent organs. Membership is acquired by the payment of the contribution and after acceptance of the application by the Commission / General Assembly.

Article 6 : Active Members

The active membership can be given to a supporting member after a decision from at least two commission members or at least one member of the commission and an active member.

Article 7 : Resignation, exclusion

Any resignation shall be communicated in writing to the Committee. The Committee may decide to expel members for justified motives. The Committee shall inform the General Assembly. Any expelled member has the right of appeal to the General Assembly. Resigning or expelled members lose their right to social assets of the Association.

Article 8 : Responsability

The members of the Association shall not incur their personally responsabillity for the commitments made by the Association, exclusively commitments secured by its assets.


Article 9 : Leadership

The leadership of the Association are:

1. The General Assembly.

2. The Committee.

3. The control accounts.

Article 10 : General Assembly

The supreme leadership of the Association is the General Assembly. It consists of all active members of the Association.

Article 11 : Role

The General Assembly shall deal with the following matters:

elect the Committee and the control accounts;

pass the annual activity report of the Committee;

deliberate on the general policy of the Association;

pass the accounts and vote on the budget;

give discharge to the Committee and to the public finance audit body. ;

fix the amount of annual contributions;

pass and modifiy the Articles of Association;

dissmiss the Association.

Article 12 : Dates, requets, extraordinary Assembly

The Annual General Meeting occurs each year. The date and agenda must be communicated in writing to all active member at least three weeks in advance.

A special meeting may be held by the Committee, or at the request at least 1/5th of the members entitled to vote.

Article 13 : Voting, elections

Each active individual or group member has one vote. The cumulative voting is prohibited. In case of equality of votes, the Chairman decides. Votings and elections are held in hands. They are held by secret ballot if at least 1/5th of the active members so request. In case of an excused absence excused at the AGM, a member may give his vote by proxy.

Article 14 : The Committee

The Committee, which is by itself formed, is composed of 3 to 7 members. He is elected by the General Assembly, but the determination of the roles of each is its own responsability. The duration of the office of all Committee members shall be one year. They may be reelected.

Article 15 : Abilities

The Committee leads the activities of the Association. He meets as often as necessary at the call of one of its members. The Committee represents the Associationtowards third party. The signatures of two members of the Committee accepts validly the responsibility of the Association. He is responsible for:

take all necessary measures to achieve the aims of the Association;

convene the ordinary and extraordinary general Assembly;

attend to the application of the statutes;

manage the assets of the Association;

take on in voluntary and paid staff.

Article 16 : Public finance audit body

The General Assembly elects two auditors for one year. They may be reelected. The audit of the Association is their responsibility. They present the results of their examination in a report and a request to the General Assembly.


Article 17 : Funds

The funds of the Association are:


profits of specific projects;

grants, donations and possible bequests.

Final Provisions

Article 18 : Modification of Statutes

The modification of the statutes can only take place by decision of a General Assembly with a two-thirds present majority of those who can vote. As much the request for modification is inclued in the agenda.

Article 19 : Dissolution

The dissolution of the Association can only be decided at the request of the Committee or half of the members entitled to vote at an Extraordinary General Assembly convened for this purpose. The decision of the dissolution requires the approval of two-thirds of those present and entitled to vote.

In case of dissolution, the Extraordinary General Assembly decides on the use of the assets of the Association with in mind the aims of the Association. In no circumstances shall the assets of the Association return to its members for their private use.

Article 20 : Ratification

The constitution was adopted by the general Assembly on 23 September 2012. The statutes are effective immediately.

 Choulex, September 23, 2012

Amended Statutes March 10, 2013

For the Association “Les Enfants de MacGyver”

The Chairwoman :
Cyrielle Cordt-Moller
The Treasurer:
Benjamin Kern

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