Hello everyone,

Our team is happy to introduce you the association “Les Enfants de Mac Gyver” (EMG) (“Mag Gyver’s Children”).

As Mac Gyver itself, we started this project almost without ressource nor material, our aim is to rebuild the Stargate™ !

This idea was launched after a bet between friends in 2010. First, we took a lot of time with research, advises and contacts, that is: everything that can help us to realize this undertaking. The project has been formalized with the creation the association “Mac Gyver’s Children” in september 2012 !

Several months ago, we acquired a real piece from the Stargate™ of the SGC: a back panel.

After 3 years of theoretical researches and savings, the first hand-made works began in April 2013 by creating a mold of this backpanel.

Since 2012, we expose the project during events / conventions / festival in France and Switzerland.

During these past five years, we got help from professionals, fans, groups, sharing the same passion than us. Thanks to them. For exemple, such help allows us to have later the possibility having a DHD to accompany our project.

We also get supports from stargate™ actors and producers : Cliff Simon, Tony Amendola, Dan Shea, Joseph Mallozzi, Jason Momoa, Amanda Tapping, Gary Jones, Rainbow Sun Francks, Mike Greenburg, Colic Cunningham, Jacqueline Samuda, Alexis Cruz, Michael Shanks, Torri Higginson, Arthur H Douglas, Fulvio Cecere, and also others people from tv show like Pauline Egan (Sanctuary) and Dennys Ilic (Amanda Tapping’s photographer).

A lot of work has been already made, and there’s still a lot to do : we might be need to you !

Here’s the presentation clip of the project. ENJOY ! (english subtitles are available)



One thought on “Introduction

  1. Hello Quentin,
    I draw my hat for you doing this gigantic project and I have a question for you I hope you can answer. We have one of the original elements of the Stargate (SG-1), and in your list of parts you mention that the front ring has a perpendicular part which concludes the Stargate. Do you have more information about that since it looks like we are missing this part. We may also be able to help you with the measurements, if you want us too.

    You can contact me under info (the obligatory email at sign)

    Thank you kindly and once more I’m impressed with what you are trying to achieve.

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