Who are you ?

We are the association “Les Enfants de Mac Gyver / Mac Gyver’s Children”, who pulls his name from the character played by Richard Dean Anderson (colonel O’neill in Stargate™). We try just like him to do amazing things from nothing.

What are you doing ?

The aim is to create a life size replica of the stargate™ (piece of the movie set from the Stargate™ series) equivalent to the original by the materials used and the visual association aims.

Where is the project ?

Because the half of the team is in Switzerland, work takes place over there. Some active members are also located in France.

It will be like the original gate ?

Yes, it will be identical because it’s based on original pieces. It’ll have a diameter of 6 meters, the chevrons will light up and the main one will move up. The rotating ring (glyphtrack) won’t spin in the first time because of some constraints. Indeed we would need a shed and a very heavy base in the ground, in order to hold the Stargate™, otherwise it won’t stand because of the shaking. This base would prevent the gate to fall during the rotation of the ring. That would be great, to see it turn, but on the other hand, we couldn’t show it to you in convention. But this option will be reconsidered later.

Why such a project ?

The founder, Quentin Brichet, a big fan of science fiction since many years, launched one day this idea on a bet between friends. Self-taught and passionnate by film sets – the Stargate™ is a beautiful and iconic piece of science fiction – he started this crazy adventure.

That costs a lot, right ?

Indeed, it’s a project that needs funds. The global cost is estimate to 20’000 CHF. So it’s possible to make donations, even small, and bring your stone to this building. A crowfunding will be launched very soon.

How did you manage to get a stargate™ original piece ?

During an auction made by the company in charge to sell all items from the Stargate™ franchise : Propworx.

Do you need some help ?

Gladly ! You’re welcome. As well as donations, technical knowledge are needed : follow this link, we’ll talk you about it ! You also can join our facebook group/page and help us to improve the project by criticisms, questions, suggestions.

When it will be over ?

Today our forecasts (2013) lead us to 2015/2016. But please, notice that the creation of this stargate™ is the most interesting part and deserves some time ! So take your boots and dive into it !

What will you do when the gate will be over ?

When the stargate™ will be done, we will expose it or rent it in various events. With the new funds that we would get from these exhibitions, we could maintain the gate (repairs) and start new projects connected to Stargate™ (Atlantis’s gate for example) or any others projects. Everything is possible !

We could imagine use it for fan films, life-size roleplaying games on the stargate™ theme, or even rent it for weddings, who knows.

Could you build me one ?

We’ve got this question many times. It will be hard for us to take time to build several stargate™, one it’s already a lot. It’ll cost you an arm and a kidney (and that won’t be enough, by the way), because the materials, the workforce, the working time…that’s enormous.

I want to build a stargate™, do you help me ?

This blog is totally open and the informations free, we publish the most of our researches, contacts, works, pictures, etc. We spent over 3 years to prepare everything, what you will find here is huge and if you have a question, don’t hesitate to ask. For example we could willingly do some specific shots for you. The building process of our stargate™ takes many times, so we could only give you advices, but we couldn’t help you more that we already do publicly.

How to contact us ?

If you are a professional and you wish expose us, meet us or interview us, we invite you to go to “Professionnal area” on the menu bar.

If you wish contact the team, we invite you to go to “Contacts”.

If you want to say us something, you can do it in an article or by Email to: sg11emg@gmail.com.

Can we be member of your association ? How to do ?

Just by following this link : Become an association’s member

Last word ?

Join us !


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