TGS Ohanami – 28th and 29th April 2012

First post written by Cyrielle on the blog. I remind you that she translates virtually the whole site in English and German. Have a nice reading.

We carry on ! There is a second exhibition which is added to our list.
Like in Mâcon, Bra’zat made space for us on the stand of Prop Memorabilia.
Same table, but this time a corner is really ours at the end of the stand. The Chevron is under glass, and a Symbiote Goa’uld comes to keep him compagny.

By the way, I thank this team with beautiful costumes who accommodated us.

The TGS (Toulouse Game Show), contrary to ColleXion, approaches more an exhibition like Japan Expo, although it’s obviously less big. Stands for sale and food, a science fiction spot, a scene, an amphitheater. The commercial side is so more presnt, but not to the point where it’s stifling us.
Diagonally in front of us, there was the stand for dedications with the guests of Stargate SG1™ and SGA: Cliff Simon (Ba’al), Colin Cunningham (Major Paul-Davis), David Nykl (Radek Zelenka) et Carmen Argenziano (Jacob Carter).
Quentin made sign the Chevron by two new personalities, Cliff and Carmen, in order to increase its value and this way to recover more money for the project at the moment of its resale.


An anecdote passing about English that we can sometimes hear in France: a woman announced regularly in the microphone the activities that were coming. One of them the first day was: “nos gestes sont en dédicaces dès à présent (…)” that means “our gestures are signing as of now (…)”, and then 15 seconds later, the same announcement ” our guests are signing as of now (…)”.
An other personality: Le Joueur du grenier (the player of the attic, a french humorist of the web), who barely appeared under his horde of fans, which followed him everywhere in the exhibition, and even outside.
We saw Bob Lenon, Marcus, Davy…and a nice Dark Phoenix too, who came to our stand.
In a word, it was really pleasant. More people with whom to discuss, speak about the project, some of them  go into raptures over it, the business cards go away quickly, even the file is glanced through, see readed !
I admit that the first times where it has been opened, we were looking at the person nearly rapturously.
As well as the pictures that you can see in the article, Quentin began to make short movies of the stand, in order to build a video of presentation between now and Japan Expo about the project, his work, his results. (other videos will of course be created during the next weeks because the piece of the biddings will arrive soon).

(Yes, that’s an image of a video, and not the opposite)

Edict Quentin:
We met quite a few members of Stargate™ Fusion with whom I liked to share. I proposed Papy O’neil (Richard-Dîne Enpersonne on the site) to help him with his super Jumper project.
During the exhibition, I tought that the very precise pieces hard to sculpt, whose we need, will be ordered for 3D impression, it’s easier. I met a type who talked me about the Hackerspaces’ principle, and I set on it. I have an appointement on Wednesday with the Hackerspaces of Lausanne, they could help me with the electronic.
And Zat said we could ask hardcore fans to sponsor around 1500 euros the project and in exchange they will have a little shiny plaque engraved with their name on a segment of the Stargate™. For exemple “there is the Jean-Michel Marpelin’s segment that had a shock during the travel”, do you imagine how it’s fun ?
But we rather do the same with only the 9 bigger donors. Well, when the association will be created.
Kisses my darlings.


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