F.A.C.T.S – 19 October 2013

Hello boys and girls,

As we have recently annonced, a Children of Mac Gyver’s member has attend the F.A.C.T.S which stood on October 19th and 20th 2013 at Flanders Expo, in the Belgium city Gent. It was the 20th anniversary of this event, so it got what it takes to bring prestigious guests. What a good news, no cancellation from any of the guests !

The member who reach the convention was Julien, so it will be his to tell how his journey was. (Well I am the one who wrote this article as I am Julien ^^)

I was joined by Vania RealFan through this convention, but I will get to that point later.

After exchanging some e-mail with the organizers of the convention, and the non possibility of being exhibitors, we have proposed them this solution: Against a press accreditation, they will get a review of their event on our website.

So, it is Saturday 19th October, and I woke up at 5:30 am. Departure at 6:00 am. Living in Amiens (North of France), I have 2 hours by car to reach Gent. Opening hour is 10:00 am ( regarding the press accreditation I have to be patient and wait at the pre-sells desk. So I have one hour free in case of any trouble, still knowing that I have to pick up some people on my road. (We shared the car)

9:15 am : Finally arrived at the Flanders Expo. As I found no place to park my car next to the venue, I have choosen to let my car on IKEA’s parking, situated right in front of the hall, only 5 minutes walking. And it’s a free parking !

I have seen two French during our walk to the convention, very nice people, fond of mangas and SciFi ( of course)

Arrived at the Expo, the queue for the pre-sells is already really impressive, we began to look for the end of this endless line and we were lucky to find someone from the Staff (Crew). I have asked this person how it goes for the people with press accreditations (yes that was my very first press accreditation on such big convention :D)

Good news ! I didn’t have to wait, the staff leaded directly in, how happy I am ! But the two French I met had to stay in the waiting line as they have no accreditation. Later they told I was lucky not to wait about 45 minutes.

Inside, I have discovered an almost empty hall, as the doors were not opened yet. Only people who bought an Early Birds tickets were allowed to get in at 9:00am, and the exhibitors.

Those people were mostly at the singing booth where we could find (from left to right) :
Jennifer Blanc, Micheal Biehn, Michael Shanks, Manu Bennett, Julie Benz, Iain Glenn, Les soeurs Avellan et enfin Anthony Daniels.

I have found really quickly Vania RealFan, a member of EMG ( Children of Mac Gyver) who follow our adventures via facebook, share and like our posts and links, et make some donation from time to time. Opportunity to spend some time to talk and discover his cosplay of surviving Zombie.
The queue to buy tickets for the photosessions was getting bigger and bigger,so I have let my friends for a while to buy my “ precious”.
When you gave the money, in returns you get a ticket that you will have to give back when it will be the photosession time.
First negative note, the ticket ws really tiny, very small, you could lost it very easily. Not much bigger than a stamp. About the prices, not really expensive as they use the same price as any other convention. About 20 Euros for a photo.

10:00 am : As soon as the first visitors had finally disappear, I went in the queue, waiting for Michael Shanks in order to introduce the “Stargate™ Project 1:1”. He was really glad of what you are doing, so I asked him if it was possible to get a video of him, supporting us. He was okay, but I had to got in touch with an organizer to plan this interview. And that’s what I did : the convention runner planned the meeting for 5:00 pm in a secret place !

10:30 am : Now that I have talked to Michael Shanks, I now have to wait until 17:00 for the photosession and our video. I had to found something to spend my time. I have a whole convention I don’t know to visit, and I had to write a review. Let’s get started !
The is getting empty !

Yellow t-shirt for convention runners, and orange one for the Staff.



Configuration is really clear. There was a hall for all the dealers (dealers hall) and a hall for all the backgrounds and props (Fan Village) and we could meet the 59ème legion (Star Wars) and the R2 bulder club….
When you get in the place, you could find event guides, really usefull, about 20 pages, which teach everything you have to know about the convention : activities, hours …


The Booths
As soon as you got in the convention, you directly found the booth/dealers. As in the most conventions, you could really find what you were looking for. Figures, clothes, goodies, geeks…

img_4736 img_4738

img_4858 img_4969

About the booths in the Fan Village, quality goods !
I took a lot of pictures, so please come and visit this page : Album Photo F.A.C.T.S, you’ll find the 59ème légion’s backgrounds (Star Wars), mythic engines such as the Dolorean DMC-12 from “Back to the Future”, coslpays, some R2-D2, there was a lot of them everyhere.

Here are some pics :



This is a booth that will attract everybody with a gamer soul , Game Mania !
A raving rabbit here to welcome you !


So, it’s a bus you can seat in, and play video games ! It’s 10 minutes sessions, and you leave with goodies !
It was almost 17:00, we are waiting, with Vania, in the queue for the photoshooting with Michael Shanks. Some troubles here, about one hour to wait to get our photos, it seemed that a printer didn’t work. When the pictures are ready, the staff put you picture high and ask for the owner… second bad things for me.


As we were waiting for our pictures, I got back to the organizer at our secret meeting point. He is talking to Michael Shanks, and gave me few minutes to record the video :

Michael Shanks is really nice, he wished me good luck for our project, and then each one of us took a different way.  😥

I got back to Vania, and proudly show him what my efforts gave. Vania is happy for us.

We took our pictures, we taked for a while and then, each one go it’s way.

I stay few minutes more in the convention for a last look on it, and finally left the place. Few hours driving later, I finally arrived home, tired! And here, I got a “bad” news. There was a party in the evening for a friend’s birthday. So I follow them all, ate two McDonalds menu as I was Hungry. And then let’s go to the party. Waking up was really really hard.

So, it was a good convention, with quality products and activities. I didn’t know anything about the F.A.C.T.S and the surprise was really good.
I spent most of the day with vania, his wife and children. His parents were there too and really enjoyed the convention. I want parents like them !
It was the opportunity for me to taste some Belgian food ! French Fries ! (With the Belgian accent, it’s priceless!) and some other good food.
The following weekend, we were exhibitors on “T’imagin” in Toulon (France). Find out more about our adventure here :

“T’imagin Toulon” (English version soon available)


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