Comic Con 2013 – 4th to 7th July 2013

(Apologies, the translation of this article was lost somewhere and has been forgotten. Fortunately a proverb says: better late than never…)

Comic Con 2013 … it took me almost three months to talk you about.
My symptoms have now disappeared: a tired looking face, eyes burned by pink, gold, blue and pale green, libido traumatized by manga characters which have faces of 12-year-old but boobs bigger than their head, ears whistling because of a continuous hubbub in the background… mixing everything and anything.
No, I’m kiding, it was not so bad ! Let me tell you from the beginning.

This year, we’re ahead in the preparation for the Comic Con. Less stress. Almost.
We must say we all had started to work on it at least 3 months before. Except Quentin because he never stops ; we sometimes fear for his health.
On the eve of departure, Benjamin and myself came to Choulex in order to arrange and load Sophie’s car (Quentin’s mom). The initial goal was to put some bars on the roof of the car to fix the backpanels, the silicone mold and its resin hull. But that was a bit optimistic ! After a look at the thousand things to take, it was decided not to keep the resin hull, too dangerous, brittle, heavy, ugly and useless. The silicone mold was enough.
(Technical note from Quentin: It’s not good to only take the silicone skin, this ruins it, stretches and breaks it, etc. So I advise you to always keep it in the resin hull.)
First problem: Sophie’s car is a specific model and we couldn’t put Benjamin’s bars on. Because it’s an old model (technology changes fast in car industry), find the corresponding bars would have been too complicated.
So we tried to put pieces in the car. Result: impossible to close the boot, passengers would have been folded, and the driver slaughtered at every turn or if he had braked sudden.
We had to find another solution …
Fortunately, the nice neighbor saved us by lending us her big car. There was enough space for everything and everyone had a piece of seat. Well, it took still some time, but Benjamin is very good at Tetris.
The last things to do were finished at 2 am, then we slept just about 5 hours.

Grand Departure set at 9am, we were almost in time when we left at 9:45. Everything was in the car, I just had my knees tucked under my chin the whole way (or my feet on the headrest of the driver), but that could have been worse.

We drop into the shopping center in Annemasse in order buy things to survive on the road (sausages, bread, cheese, coke, fanta, biscuits), including cider for Quentin. Highways, driver in rotation, pee stop, picnic.

Then came the “France profonde”: happiness on the Paris beltway, renewal works with illogical indications, drivers who act strangely, dangerous drivers labeled with a sticker A, driver who ride very badly, ruts of last year are enlarged, some yellow signs saying “ruts are forming” (but will they stay that way or will they one day be repaired or… fully formed ? ) then we got in the parking area for exhibitors.

Stand construction is made with some technical problems because the Comic Con had announced us a week before we left that we would lose two square meters and tables, that we will have no parking space, no financial support, and to accept donations on the spot was forbidden. Great… but we adapt, and finally everything works with the motivation and everyone’s ideas.


Guillaume (Bar’zat) welcomed us into his beautiful and huge house in the south of Paris. High ceilings with exposed beams, a cave of Ali Baba, books, musical instruments here and there (besides we had a very nice evening in their company), doors at every corner, thousand objects of all kinds, cushions, chairs, stairs and mezzanine. A true manor ! Towers were the only thing missing !


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