Comic Con 2012 – 5th to 8th July 2012

Hi Gaters, how are you ?

Yes, because according to the documentary of the Series Club on Stargate™ which was exclusively on the screen in the Comic Con in Paris, that’s how we are called.

Well, I can finally write to you after the management of a crisis situation between the RPF and us. I will maybe explain everything in another article, but here I’ll tell you especially how was our trip and a little more about our stand.

So towards the Japan Expo / Comic Con 2012 in Paris !

We went to 500 ! (Corneille)
No, 8, Wednesday the 4th (don’t get muddled with the numbers). In the early morning we were still packing the whole f*** ing chaos, which was expected on the stand. I must say that I had finished to cast my chevron during the night. So we still print three images, the registration form for the newsletter, we take the time to grab anything that looks like Stargate™ and is in the house (papercraft included). And one problem of identity card before leaving.

Just over a 6 hour drive in a big car with a trailer in the back, we discover with joy the French motorways of the suburbs “Oh, holes”, and the ruts 50cm wide and sometimes 50cm deep… You are mad! How you do the French? ^^’

Arrival at the campsite! Welcome to plastic home ! That should be O.K for 4 nights, 8 people, 2 knives … 6 glasses …

The reception was furnished with people. Yes because the people were the furniture, they were barely mobile, and even less reactive. Opened from 9am to 7pm, that is perfectly coordinated with the exhibition, that is, exactly during the exhibition… Awakening every morning at 6am, departure at 7am, return at 9pm, in other words, we didn’t see any receptionists. So the last day, an inevitable roundtrip from the show in order to recover the deposit. And we could get cold in the shower because the water heater went out during the night. And so neither cooker for the last morning, joy!

Well, otherwise it was mostly the Convention. So it was pretty good eh, no complaints. No, without laughing, it was great, you are super cool people. =)

We installed everything on Wednesday before the exhibition, it’s not a bad organization, the other times there was not much so we put practically everything into position while the exhibition was beginning. We discovered our Backpanel with joy. We were all very excited … oh yes, don’t tell me the opposite. The aim was so to set up a booth that attracts and shows what we did and that makes you to want to participate and help. So we cheated a little, for example the chevron in the area workshop was actually a failed cast, so it will not be used in the project but was merely a demonstration, as an exercise if you want.

/!\ I punctuate this article with a short tour in pictures of the stand for those who were not there. /!\

In any case, it worked well, the visitors’ book is covered on four pages (sometimes by people who thought we were linked to the Belgian Costume Props and Props Memorabilia…), around 500 business cards went off, a good score by 200,000 visitors, well … I think so. We have two full inscription pages for the newsletter, people have asked questions, have shown interest in the project. Many people have enjoyed the Backpanel and were glad to touch it … I understand that. However I don’t understand your immense wonder about autographs … but at least you were very happy to see all that. ^^

Little game: what was the major difference between the stand of the CC and the other conventions? Answer: It was much bigger and there were plenty of things on it ! With five tables we have all spread out nicely in order to make you appreciate our job.

Around us, you have appreciated the original costumes from the series and a door (nearly) full-scale, wooden made by the Belgian Costume Divison.
I take this opportunity to refute what some have thought, we are not associated with the two other stands.
Another necessary denial, the Backpanel is indeed an original, but not of our own making.

There were also some V booths, Star Wars, Alien, Ghostbusters, etc. some of Steampunk. Lots of SF to dazzle our eyes.

And our team especially liked this:

Each time this Jawa was next to the stand, we shouted “Utini” !

I’m happy to have meet you all, or see you again, or put a head on the people who are in the facebook group.

Thank my team very much for the support and work. Benjamin, who drove during the trip and lent us his car + trailer + unequaled moral support “bah do anything and lets see,” Sebastian, who also has steered + endured 1:30 of briefing always with the same interest + work on workshop of the stand, Cyrielle for the papercrafts + mounting the stand + organisation + support + help + many other things, Maxime and Laetitia, who held the stand a little + were cool and helped towards the wait when no one came to see us. And two others to have look after the booth when we were not there. It was cool!

I’ve personally enjoyed explain the project, I invite you so the next time to come and ask me a lot of things! And I finally could sleep more than 4 hours, I am happy. Two days from now, I go to holiday camp with 20 children, my summer has not been quiet.
Quentin / Cyrielle

P.S. I was interviewed by Direct Star, so if someone sees it, try to send it to me. =) Soon maybe I’d give press conferences. x)


For those who wanted the papercrafts exhibited on the stand, Cyrielle made them, however the models are not her own invention, and can be found at these addresses:


-Jumper :

-Gate :

-An other Gate :

-Atlantis Gate :

-DHD :

-Replicator :

For those who would find the project file as it was on the stand, go here :

-File : (in french, translation soon)

-Electronic part : (in french, translation soon)

I remind you that the forum is open (we should start to support it a little, this is a participatory project, it can advance even if I do not touch it):

The facebook group (the page on the other hand will be closed in some time, it doesn’t serve any longer):

The images bank (you can propose images on the facebook group, note also the Url source in order to have the best definition):

The topic on the forum Stargate™ Fusion:

If you have any questions or requests, do not hesitate to ask me !


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