ColleXion Mâcon – 14th and 15th April 2012

Hello world. For once, here is a new event. But first you should know that the long awaited Backpanel (see (voir Big step and little feet and Dialing Error)) finally arrives the 11 and 12 of May in Paris! So we may be present at Comic-con / Japan Expo 2012 with this back Panel and the progress of work.

Summary of my week:

Monday I tell myself that it would be nice to make a stand presenting the project at an exhibition, it’s late, very late to say this because the next show is ColleXions at the end of the week. I must see with Bra’zat if I can get a place on his stand and organize everything !

Thursday I finished my 20-page dossier, my business cards and my poster. Remains to make a nice box for the chevron.

Friday I run here and there to make this box, I finish everything at last for tomorrow.

I leave Saturday for Mâcon with Cyrielle (who helps me on the project) and find the Prop Memorabilia booth of Bra’zat . I put my table and we help him towards mounting a authentic costume Kull Warrior  on a mannequin. What a drag… We finish and stand up just in time for the arrival of visitors.

So what ! Nothing. We spent a lot of time on waiting, to tell you the truth. But people seemed to enjoy watching our chevron window. I chatted with other exhibitors, met costumed fans of Stargate™, and presented my project (in the summary as much as possible but it took me 7 minutes anyway, sorry) on camera meetings Midway. I want to thank the cameraman very friendly, I hope to see him soon again.

We also met lots of friendly people, strange, serial killers, finally what we usually see in the events of its kind.

At midday we realized that  the website address was not on the stand, we constructed so a paper banner in 5 minutes (how beautiful it is). The next day we observed a little too late that the tape-posts (red and black on the picture) don’t  really tempt people to approaching.

We had during the two days a lot of animation on the scene because we were on the side next to the beautiful polystyrene Stargate™ of the exhibition. I saw the assembly and they did a good job in repairing it in 5 minutes despite the missing pieces.

It is interesting to see a show like this. We are aware of everything who is happening, because it’s not too big. This is an exhibition with more passion, and sellers are generally less commercial than in the other big events and that’s nice. I hope it will remain the case in the future.

Let us not forget of course the presence of Dan Payne and David Nykl, real clowns when they start. They were really welcoming and they seemed to have fun.

What else to say ? Bra’zat exploded the glass part of my poster but it’s okay because he gave me a timetable and it was his birthday. The show ended well, we helped him so far as we could for the storage of Prop Memorabilia’s stand, and went back in carpooling with someone very nice.

I give you an appointment at TGS next 28-29 April  for new adventures! I hope to see you there.

I would be there to greet you, just as courteous as in ColleXion (I still do not understand why people do not come see our booth). Click to enlarge I’m nicer in big picture. ^^

And don’t forget to join us in our facebook

Peace and recovery on your people.


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