Major turning point for the project

Warning, big news ! Read carefully to understand what is happening.

We have acquired a complete Stargate™ section ! We recuperated each part separately to be able to reproduce them and finally recreate “the most accurate Stargate™ in the world”


It’s a blessing and also a curse. We are thrilled to finally have had it with us for one or two weeks. It’s a nice gift for EMG.

But to really understand everything, we have to go back to the very beginning of the project.

Six years ago there were very few pictures of the Stargate™ as we know it today. Few people had taken the time to get a proper image of it and there were no existing sources apart from the series and the few rare promotional pictures.

Two years later, after extensive research, auctions were held. All the props from the franchise were sold piece by piece, from scripts to technical team caps, all the props and the set, etc… At this auction we aquired the Backpanel as you know it. We told ourselves that it wouldn’t be too difficult to reproduce the other parts from this one, but it would take time and effort.


We can ask ourselves a first question. Why didn’t we buy a complete Stargate™ section in order to reproduce it ? We have a few answers :

  1. It was more interesting to work for hours, replicating other pieces and discovering a passion, an art and also learning different molding, casting, painting techniques etc…
  1. The backpanel was obviously cheaper than a full segment. Still expensive, but cheaper than the average 4500$ for a full segment. Adding company fees, shipping, custom taxes, the price gets quite high.

So we started working on our piece almost a year later because of many incidents that happened along the way.


In a space of two years we have created many very accurate 3D models, using the measurements of our pieces and the images that we could find on the MGM and Propworx websites. The later organized the auctions and created a magazine with beautiful photographs of the pieces that allowed us and many other fans to create real and 3D replicas that et more and more accurate.

From the beginning of our work we intended on contacting as many people as possible to find the buyers of the other segments and possibly have them lend us these pieces or a copy of them in order get as many parts as possible.

Some answered us, others didn’t. Surpisingly we never found the people who bought the 9 complete sections. Yet some people had pieces and probably got them from others buyers, who knows… The fact is we managed to retrieve some copies from originals this way, especially with our English contact Andy whom we gratefully thank.

The masters (pieces on which we make the molds) created from our work are now almost completed. We began to mold the Backpanel and the other pieces will follow. So far working on this project has made us happy. We also experienced many difficulties that made us struggle but above all we have learned, we have had fun, we have proudly achieved very beautiful objects and we’ve met wonderful people. We have also lost sight of other wonderful people from lack of time because we were too busy with this project. That’s what happens when you take part in an important project, you have to make sacrifices.


One month ago, one of our contacts informed us that someone was ready to sell his entire Stargate™ segment ! We waited 4 years for it, it had to happen one month before the moldings… Even better, another contact informed me that another person would be willing to sell his complete Stargate™ section ! Yes, two at the same time ! After 4 years they showed up only two days difference. You wouldn’t believe me if I told you that we just found trace of a third segment…

After further discussion it seemed that, in fact, one of the sellers had only parts of the complete segment. The glyphtrack, a complete chevron and the outer ring are missing. The other seller requested 9’000$ for a section that he bought but he never opened the package (which is a complete section according to the article number sold at the time by Propworx). This seller eventually agreed to lower his price to 6’000$, which is almost the price he had paid for the segment the first time, including shipping and taxes.

Let’s go back a week when I asked you your opinion on this segment. Was it a good idea to buy it or not ? We got several opinions on the subject. Here they are listed, positive and negative with the answers we gave.

— Buy it if it’s not too expensive !

So yes, these kinds of things are always expensive but I doubt that you could buy a complete SG segment today, anywhere in the world, without spending more than 6’000$. It’s a good price.

— Don’t miss this opportunity!

Indeed it is highly unlikely to find an untouched complete segment in good condition. It’s an opportunity to show the segment to fans at exhibitions and geek/SF events. For us, it is also a chance to compare our reproduction work with the original parts, which sounds wonderful.

— It’s an added value.

Not necessarily. From the perspective of the public, who would later rent the Stargate™, it’s better to rent the exact copy of the SG, may it be for a convention, a fanfilm or a wedding. From the public’s point of view, however, some may lose interest in the project, thinking it loses a little bit of the « do it yourself » feeling.

— It is not the same if you mold from originals, it isn’t a construction work made by fans anymore, it’s just a copy.

Yes, it’s true. It is basically copying pieces that were renovated for the occasion, but it doesn’t mean it hasn’t been an intense reproduction work done by passionate people. We simply replace a piece by another practically identical one.

— It’s all your hard work wasted

No ! The work that has been done isn’t made useless because of it. It taught us, allowed us to make mistakes but it is was also a testimony of all the motivation we put into this project throughout the years. We didn’t choose to buy an entire section only to have the opportunity to achieve something so complicated. We spent 100 hours on the outer ring and its thousands of part. I am not sad about not molding it because it’s beautiful on it’s and I’m very proud of it.


— It’s too expensive and we didn’t donate to the association for that.

Yes it’s very expensive, especially if you take into account postage and taxes. I almost regret not having bought it 4 years ago. However, it is an added value and there are several possible ways to profit from this segment. As for donations, do not worry, all of the money spent on the SG is from my personal account. And the few donations we had the pleasure of receiving from people who have often become friends are stored in our account and won’t be used for silly things. But yes it’s expensive, so to avoid getting bankrupt and starting this professional life without anything I will try to find external funds. Feel free to provide us with information to get financial support. Please notice that compared to the total Stargate™ budget it isn’t an enormous expense.

— It may be in bad condition.

It will be checked by Propworks and they will tell us if it is in good condition and take photos.

— It will slow you down in your work.

Not really, we requested that they send us by express postage only the pieces we haven’t got yet, so to save money and time. Everything should happen between this month and the next. There are many pieces to make and we have plenty of masters here to work on, whilst we wait for the others.

— You are going to have copyright problems.

May it be a replica of the original or not we can always have copyright problems. However, under American Law, we are relatively well protected because we are a non-profit oranization, we can’t make money by renting the Stargate™, we can only profit from it then achieve other things with the benefits, if there are any. In addition to that, a Stargate™ at a convention is a reminder of the franchise. It can only be a good way to advertise the studios who still hold the rights of the franchise and for Emmerich, (who directed the first film and plans on making a reboot and likes our project). Moreover, we tried to contact the creator’s studio but only managed to reach his secretary. She replied, so he must be aware of the project and never indicated being against it. All in all, the rights belong to MGM.

There we are. It was a difficult decision to make, it was a bit above the budget that we had planned but the EMG will have their own ninth of the Stargate™, this show of our childhood…

I hope everything was understandable. Feel free to ask any question you want. We will try to answer them in the best way possible.

So we begin the end of the adventure ! Please continue to follow us and you may discover our Stargate™ near your home this summer !


2 thoughts on “Major turning point for the project

    • Sorry, I didn’t see your comment sooner. We’ll have to finish our project first, then we will make accurate 3D models from 3D scans. Depending on the project of each one we will provide some informations.
      For example we’re working with Stargate Network (An SG Based Game, the are reproducing everything with a lot of details) and we will provide them the accurate 3D gate when the time will come.
      To be honest I don’t really know if every details will be public, if a few will be sold or if a lot will stay secret. We worked 6 years to find everything we needed after all. ^^’
      Wait and see and don’t hesitate to ask or speak about your project.

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