“Is there any reason you chose to recreate the Stargate™ of the series rather than the movie’s ?”

That’s a very good question, asked by some on Twitter. So I will answer here and take this opportunity to talk about the differences we find between each model of Stargate™.

The (well thougt out) excuse:

It’s technical.
As regards the movie’s Stargate™, each chevron is engaged, except the main chevron which is juste there to choose the symbol to enter. That’s why a pneumatic system was chosen by the technicians who worked on the first SG. We notice also that the chevrons’ moving is more violent in the movie.
Moving parts of the chevron: front crysal, back crystal (which rises), front V (which goes down).
The chevrons in the movie certainly don’t light, there is so indeed less to do about, but on the other hand it’s more difficult to create a complex mechanical system than a simple electrical system. In our case, only the V and front crystal must move. Besides, the symbols are engraved in the first opus, and from the very beginning of the SG-1 series, they are raised, that means, more simple to make.

The true reason:

It’s of course sentimental.
THE Stargate™ for me has always been the one that’s in the first series. I grew up with and so it makes sense to me to start with it. Also you, if you’re here, it’s because you spent at least 10 years with this model. It’s a part of your daily life (week and/or weekend). Remember !

So, what are these small differences that we don’t see at first glance ? Here a list which should be exhaustive:

Comparison table:


If you have found other differences between the doors, don’t hesitate to tell us ! We could have missed something.

Some sources (if ever you don’t believe what I say): 


Here the famous bar which is only seen on the movie’s gate. She’s put between the wings of the front and back chevrons.



The back of the gate doesn’t switch on, it’s post-production in SGU and only for this series. We also see the sheet which replaces the bars we saw earlier (this detail exists only on the main chevron in SG1).


The two crystals rise.




A new version of the inter-chevrons bars. What a talent ! This is the same which is on the internal opposite side of the gate.






SGU’s gate is activated via a touch-screen system with stylus. A smartphone ?




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