In 2010 this project was born. End 2012 the Children of MacGyver’s born too …

Today, you can finally be part of it!

This week has been intensive for the Children of MacGyver. With the organization of the upcoming exhibitions, troubles with PayPal, updating the blog, a GA to change the constitution of the association and especially the switching of the registration, everything went very quickly.

So you can now support the association by being a member of it. In doing so, it is a moral and financial support that you bring us, you can even take part in the building work if you do not live too far from us ! The membership fee will be fully reinvested in the Project SG 1:1.

I invite you to follow this link :

For those who would like to make a donation either larger or smaller than the membership fee (if you give more, you might as well be member of the association and make a donation then, in order to benefit from membership), unfortunately I can not yet give you the necessary PayPal link because our account is on standby for verifications. We could so receive donations but not transfer them to our bank account, there would be a risk of losing money … So we wait a bit before you put it available!

I remind you that the project is very expensive and for now it is our savings that go into it in great quantities. We hope that you will want to support us to see our work continue.

Thank you.


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