A full piece of Stargate™ is about 90 cm high, 180 cm long and 40 cm wide (this last measure still amazes me).

Let’s suppose taht we’ll make beautiful cases to carry everything (in my profession we have flight cases for everything and they are handy). And we want to put the SG in a big van: 3m50 large x 1m70 wide x 1m90 high of the trailer capacity.

Okay, so we said that to introduce the SG we don’t need 9 pieces because the half of them are hidden in the ground or in the promontory. We plan therefore 7 pieces. I put five pieces crosses lenghtways and widthways, that fits in width. In length it fits too and we still have the last two pieces that can be put over, lying. It fits in height ! And we have a good margin to put tools and a lot of things.

Well we can carry the SG in a large van, that’s already smthg. Now if we want still the promontory, 2-3 vans or a semi-trailer (and a driver) will be necessary.

Now about the assembly. It is a bit more complicated, depending on the material that can be available (machine, tools) and how we handle it. If we want to make it safe, the sides must been done first while we insuring, and at the end put the keystone. This isn’t really a long work to put each piece together and bolt them down. Then we’ll take time to check the electronic system, etc.

Another important point. Initially the SG also requires 4-5 concrete breads… each one’s a little more than one square meter. I have not yet found anyone who can do the calculations for the structure, load balancing, etc.. But in my opinion we will need counterweights. Thence it is also complicated to transport and set up (and stock too).

So we’ll have to see. But to carry a SG across France, Switzerland, Germany and England doesn’t seem to be an impossible mission.


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