Some people asked me to estimate the project cost and the expenses that we were going to do. Here is a summary of what it should / could cost in total:
So, the cost … this is a very large estimation, so there will be a margin of error between 1’000 to 5’000 CHF, buton the other hand, with a project like this one, it is never safe and a simple mistake is quickly very expensive.

Here we go…

Omitting the Backpanel price which will be sold, we start with the molds. The cast of a side would cost about 2136 $. We have two sides, then 4272 $. We still have the collar and chevrons, so 5875 $ (we are generous in calculations). Here for molding.

Now comes the draw. We need 9×2 sides faces + 9x collar + 9x chevrons. So something like 1’618 $.
The structure is metallic. Let choose something galvanized so that it won’t leak too much water + a covering with a anti-rust paint: 4’316 $.
Then there is still the paint and electronics, motor, raspberry, arduino, LED, etc.. We count 1’618 $.

I obtain approximately $ 13’427 for the door itself. If there are actually concrete blocks, we add 755 $. And if we build the wooden promontory + poly + resin, so you can count 1,080 $, I think.

And because we did not pay attention to certain details, are on the roads a lot of, bought stuff for exhibition etc.. it overflows a bit. Hop, $ 1,620 for incidental expenses.

I obtain so 16’890 $.
With transport, cases etc.. and other expenses later, I think (being generous in calculations) we have started a $ 20’000 project.

So it is true that it would relax everyone if we had a few more members so that I’ll not be a penniless person at the end of the year. : D


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