Under this scientific name … actually hides a small motivated team that will sell you a dream!

“Les Enfants de Mac Gyver” (EMG) is an association created on September the 23th 2012, to manage the Sg 1:1 project. It may develop later, but for now, its only purpose is: “To manage the creation of a replica of Stargate™ (a set of the ” Stargate SG-1™ ” series), equivalent to the original by materials that compose it, and its visual appearance. ”

This article could therefore stop there.

Here: Serious people during a serious meeting.

But no! Because the birth of this association will implies some changes regarding to the shape that the links between “public / project” will take in the future.

First, I’m no longer alone for a long time. Besides the people who have supported me and assisted so far (and I would not fail to thank them again), I have now a small team, geographically close, which can handle a lot of things. Particularly to meet you at the various events we plan to participate. They will welcome you in an exemplary manner and answer all your questions as easily as me.

Also, they will be able to step back on this enormous task and will bring us from time to time a small bowl of freshness by using humor and derision. So don’t miss to follow our facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/LesEnfantsDeMacGyver (in french) in which you’ll discover the many unlikely things that we can do (and that we should not do) during a project like this.

Here : Yannick will not be the mascot of the association

Here : He’ not trilled at tis idea.

These wonderful people having neverending time will bring you more interesting information by making small films of our ongoing work, interviews with YOUR own questions and also meetings with professionals / amateurs who follow us and help us so far.

Most importantly, we will soon publish the report of the formation meeting and the status of the association, which will allow you as soon as we’ll have our own account, to register yourself ! You will so support a pleasant project with your annual fee, you will be informed as much as possible of its progress and, if you want to help, participate more actively in the Stargate™ construction. For those that would not need any of that, you can simply support us by making a few donations (however small) which will help to buy some of the equipment we already need.

For those who do not live too far from Geneva, do not hesitate to contact me via: projetsg11@hotmail.fr if you want to come and help on the project, or just to chat a bit with a drink .
That’s it for the premises. Maybe we’ll have new ideas very soon. In the meantime, we expect yours. They can be serious and concrete or completely unrealistic. We will listen all your requests and who knows … maybe fulfill them.

Here : Yoan still has hair at the end of the meeting,that means everything was serious all the same.

PS This weekend: the new work on the chevron and renovation of Backpanel !


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