It was not really a fight and it was not really against the RPF, the whole story revolves rather around a misunderstanding, who became annoying after a made ​​timing difficult to manage.

For those who have access to the french facebook group you have followed the live history, for the others, I think it may be interesting to be informed.

For quite some time I thought to post on the RPF (Replica Prop Forum), which brings some enthusiasts together, who create replicas of props movie and TV series, in order to tell them about this project and ask them for help and support. But I would not have thought it would be like this …

I wanted to wait until we had had concrete things, that is the molding of the chevron, the Backpanel in my possession and images of the works to launch the info. The RPF is full of people with great talent, and only turn me up and say “Well I want to do an SG but I’ve never done anything like this.” seemed inappropriate without evidence of my abilities.

Woe to us! During the Comic Con I received a message from the owner of the chevron, Mr J, who asked me to stop immediately my cast, because it was in this case a “recast”, that means a copy of a copy, which is very frowned upon in the community of props makers. Having no internet connection in Paris, I could only see that the night where I came back home around 2:00 am.

After a good night’s sleep (we slept something like 4-5 hours per night in Paris), I rushed to answer him, but a week had passed, he had already informed the RPF that I was almost certainly a recaster ! (I understand this behavior, a week of waiting is long and scary.) I answered him quickly on the blog, but he didn’t seem to see it and continued his criticism on the RPF. The topic itself about the recast on the forum became rhetoric, however I was shooted without be able of saying anything.

Not wanting to have no chance with the RPF, who I respect enormously, I asked you, the community around this project, to support me. Waving the “One for all and all for one!” I should be grateful if you could make a comment to this gentleman and tell him calmly that I was in good faith.

The “effective” helps that I received are counted on the fingers of one hand but worked well, and I thank them greatly, as well as those who followed the debate all day and started to plan our defense in order to post as soon as they would have the opportunity. From you, I have received support and especially the “wait and see” and I thank you because I was seething behind my screen, not knowing what to do for about 48 hours. The facebook group was very active around the subject, discussions were never-ending.

The debate ended when I posted an explanation and a denial on the RPF as complete as possible in order to exonerate me and the project also. That’s at the same time that our accuser-friend (rightly, I repeat)  has found my answer on the blog and has also de-activated the negative rise that was pointed against my French friends of RPF.

And almost without a word, calm has returned, Mr. J thanked me for my well-written response towards him, the RPF said that this project was interesting if it  did not include actually a recast, and everything returned to normal.

Thank you again for all your support, our little group seems strong enough to support crisis situations like this, and I’m very happy. Moving forward!

And I thank the RPF for having read me calmly and having understood our point of view.

Sources :

The exchanges on the blog in English, in the down comments:

The subject on the RPF :


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