If you want to know how is the project supposed to take place from now until the final details, then you will have all the necessary information in this article.

Also here I would put forward different options available to us and the still unanswered questions, all these things that you can discuss here or on the forum. Waiting for your advice!

So at what stage are we now? Well we’re around theoretical 50% of the project, that means we have everything in hand to begin the heavy work, we know where we want to go and most often how. In concrete terms and regarding this work we are around 1% and we project over a year to get to 100%, but that mostly depends on you.

See all this in steps, we have now several large divisions that can be developed in parallel. The problem is that I can’t take care of all, I would need a section chief for some of them and even for other jobs, but we will see it during this article. If you are interested in being head of section or belong to a particular section, let me know. Take account that for half of them, it would need to live near the Backpanel or Geneva and surroundings, but not for all, use your judgement.

1. V Section

You’ll understand that I can not use my V chevron, except for measures, we must so recreate a chevron from them. The pieces are already drawn on a sheet of forex, however, we must take the time cutting, gluing and finishing.
Then the new chevron will be molded and we’ll make our 18 reproductions.

2. Backpanel Section

We have just received it, it arrived now safely after more than 6-hour drive. We foresaw that, it reveals creation flaws (we can’t and don’t want to do anything about it), and some shots he took during filming, during storage or travel from the USA. The aim now is to repair these breaks in order to then make the mold of the Backpanel. Considering that these changes would make it lose its value in the fans’ eyes, we will use a product that we can make disappear once the molding’s finished.
I already started this work at the Comic Con, for example, in order to save a few minutes of work later. We will use some plasticine, a clay that is softened with heat, and then solidified. Mine is rather hard and so perfect for a work like this. On testing I’ve done, that’s great.
In closing with this Backpanel, we will make a mold again, this time we’ll need several people in order not to miss it, because we would lose too much money if this were the case.

3. 3D Section

A detailed 3D model of our section will allow us to make a complete model based on our image bank and our visual video. First necessity : Backpanel measurements ; the numerical model must be indentical to it, and will allow us to deduce all the measures we need in order to continue building our Stargate™. We have to turn the Backpanel into a Frontpanel by adding borders and modifying geometric parts and lineages. On this piece is located the internal profile with bars too. Then, the only missing thing will to realize(always in 3D) the luminous part of the chevrons, their fins and flange (outer profile). The Glyphtrack would also be useful as a reference.
This 3D model will provide us with specific references and therefore to have exactly the measures we need for the continuation of the project. As well, some of the details (friezes and bars) can be directly sent to be printed in 3D to make work easier and save time and precision. Then later, that’s also with this one that we’ll test the load distribution on the internal structure we created.
We will therefore also make the most detailed 3D SG in the world!

4. Internal Structure Section

The Stargate™ can not stand without a strong and well thought internal structure. This will inevitably be a triangular structure, as on the picture. We must therefore consider the distribution of loads, widen its base to prevent its falling under any circumstances, think about something quick to assemble and convenient for wiring, lights, the sound and pistons. Following the theoretical part, that will be a work of cutting and welding to get this structure.

5.  Electro / Prog Section

This section aims to develop all the electronic side of the SG (and is supposed to turn on 12 volt), including the lights, the activity of the main chevron, sound effects and computer control of all that. The idea is to use a Raspberry Pi (which I have already placed the order) in order to manage an Arduino which manages everything else. We must think of a wireless connection in order to control everything from another computer, or maybe later, from a DHD. The best would be to link the simulator of addresses composition that exist on the web (which I have a copy) and modify it to really manage the door.

For now we have no idea how to animate the main chevron, except with the pistons. But we would like to avoid having a compressor for this, because it would make too much noise. We should therefore either find an alternative electronic / mechanical compressor, or find a discreet one enough to create the movement of the chevron as in the series.

6. Sonar Section

For the project progress, people must be informed. Whether on the forums, on websites, facebook or anywhere else and even by directly contacting individuals, you have carte blanche to make the project known. The aim is to have some advises, support and practical help of many people as much as possible.
This work is in English, French and German. As well, the blog doesn’t have yet an itlaien translation, so if someone is motivated to translate everything …
You may also be part of this section to complete the blog with new informations, new pictures, find other Stargate™ made by fans, discover the SG events, share with us other projects about Stargate™ who are not necessarily connected with the set creation: (fanflims / fanséries, documentation of the universe, games created by fans, etc..)


All these sections should work together. If for example we don’t think about how to keep the fiberglass / resin cache on the structure, so we risk making mistakes and not being able to erect the entiere gate. Always consider the entire project!

I don’t name here the work to create the collar, the luminous part of the chevrons, etc., because these are parts that we’ll make from the 3D model so they will arrive later. But nothing prevents you to discuss it on the forum anyway.

The remaining questions are :

What specific product to use? Which types of Silicone for the molding (we’ve already used some RTV 3325)? Which Resin (here we used the 8903 Polyester Gel Coat and a polysoflex 90)? Which Metal for the structure? Which paint for the finishing touches ? Which resin for the orange light effects ? Which electronic components for the electro part? Which Pistons?

In short, we’ll have still a lot of fun !


I leave the project coasting this month from that Saturday because I would be in a camp with children. I could continue in mid-August, I should have a week of free time between now and then, to see what are you up to and give news. Meanwhile you have carte blanche, the forum is there for you.

On the other hand, in regard to the  sonar, don’t make a topic on the RPF, I prefer to keep it to myself. 😉

Good luck !


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