And an article about the chevron reproduction, which worked out fairly well.

/!\This article is written for informational purposes, once more, this reproduction will not be used in the project. /!\

Small criticism, we must make it lighter next time. It missed because of the plaster mould who wasn’t rigid enough, so we wedged it with blocks of plastiline.

Start earlier in the morning, because finishing the reproduction around midnight was indeed necessary, but not nice at-all.

So we start from the mold that you saw in the previous article and you put a first layer of Gel Coat to protect the chevron from the weather and make it strongly resistant. The Gel Coat is not very viscous and allows to catch all details of the mold.

REMINDER: Whether for casting or for printing, protect yourself with a mask who filters the gas, these products give off stuff not good for you, so don’t take risks !

Then the second layer of gelcoat because the aim was to work the surface by sanding, so we needed something thick.

And first layer of resin with fiber glass.

Then the last layer, always in resin, but this time with a glass fabric to make it super tough.

At midnight the cast is finally completed.

That rocks ! In short, for those who do not know what the resin and fiberglass look like (it’s the big pots, and between is the white spirit):

And the glass fabric:

For more information, please contact us. 😉


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