/!\ Neither the mold nor the printing, who appear in this article, will be used in the project. Indeed these were only useful during exhibitions and for that very purpose. Once the new chevron finished and the new mold made, they’ll end up in cold storage. Furthermore the holder of the original chevron where the piece here is taken, asked me indeed not to use it but make my own chevron based on the measures that I have in my possession. /!\

This is a single-use mold. The aim was here to make a reproduction and make it perfect with finishing resin during Comic Con in Paris.

First step, put some plastiline along the piece so that the mold does not extend below.

Second step, a diluted layer of silicone in order to take a precise impression of all the details.

Then, a layer of undiluted silicone.

And a second.

Then, because of lack of catalyst (and my own fault, I put too much of it into the pre-dose), a final coat on the edges.

At this moment a tixotropant agent would be useful for angles. It allows indeed to make the silicon thicker. But I did not bother to order it.

The Chevron rests until I receive my next order, I save it from the dust.

There was no longer enough RTV 3325 silicone that I used, I took a building silicone for the edges. This is a stopgap system, if you can do it differently, that means with a tixotropant agent, do it. It remains a final layer of silicone to hold it all.

When the silicone is dry, I use a plaster tread to stabilize my mold. If this mold should be used more than once, I would have used some resin and fiberglass for the tread (you will see the final mold soon).

This tread is broken there because of its smoothness and lack of reinforcement.

So the second attempt with plaster strips this time is performed by my father, whose job is to make casts in hospital.

This gives us a beautiful mold, very white, so overexposed here in the garden. But it’s beautiful anyway.

For information, this casting is missed, so I’ll repair it at best, (this will allow to prevent me from making more important mistakes), but as mentioned above, it will be of no real use in the project. Before making a new mold, we’ll have to wait that I make my own chevron with forex. 😉

Don’t worry, we speed up inch by inc.


7 thoughts on “First Moulding

  1. Hello.

    As the owner of the production made prop that this is a cast off of(as in the original source for the autographed chevron you own), I would like to inform you that recasting is extremely frowned upon in the prop community regardless of the reasons for it. I politely request that you do not continue with this mold which you are making and instead, do what any reputable prop builder would do and build your own from scratch based on measurements from this cast. It is a very easy item to build from scratch, more so if you have the measurements which you do.

    Thank you.

    • Hello Mr. Johnson,

      I would like to inform you that your comment drew my attention because you know, I am a humble amateur in the world of prop making. I hope you will be lenient because it is almost certain that I can respond to your request. Hopefully my explanation will satisfy you and we can restart off on the right foot. Who knows, we may be working together.

      If I have not taken the time to answer you sooner it is because I was away all week to present my project at the French Comic Con in Paris.

      I’m back to home since yesterday and I was dreaming of today like a whole day to rest because I’m leaving this week lead a summer camp for children and I may well need rest, I think you understand me.

      But your topic on the RPF alarmed me (because it is a reference for me) and I would like the opportunity to explain and convince you of my good faith. (And incidentally avoid having to be hung, drawn, quartered, chopped up, ground down, incinerated, and my ashes evaporated in acid.)

      – First (and this is the most important I think), I count UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES sell any piece I would realize. The aim of this project is to reconstruct a stargate, not to make money on the backs of Stargate-fans and this project is well appreciated by the Stargate Community of France; Europe and a lot of other peoples.

      – But despite all that, you say that the recast is not tolerated under any circumstances. So if I well understand :
      If you are the owner of the production made prop it’s okay, but not if you only own a replica of it.
      I understand your position and I do not plan to use this mold, except for tests and exercices. I made one cast (and only one) from this mold because it was made to do so. The idea was to fix this cast and get a perfect mold. However I didn’t realised a good one (logical for a beginner) and so I can fully comply with your request and make a chevron as I expected from measurements.

      – This fact should not be a problem regarding the Backpanel because I own the original, so following your request (and I thought the one of the community) it would be ok to copy it, and it’s a good thing because it is way more complicated to achieve all these details.

      – This project is a participatory project, if someone disagrees with a method used here so I always try, whenever possible, to answer his request. If someone tells me I’m wrong and that I should do otherwise, use other materials, etc.. So I would be happy to learn from him if he was actually good advice.

      In terms of the “avoid having to be hung, drawn, quartered…” I hope this comment will reassure you and show you my desire not to hurt anyone and to agree with everyone. Hopefully I have not lost all credibility with the RPF and there is now no more doubt from you.

      If you were not convinced of my explanation I remain very open to discussing with you, I’d be very happy.

      If you now realize that I try not do anything wrong, so hopefully you will clear me from this misunderstanding in the eyes of the RPF.

      This project is not a personnal one, we are doing it to permit to all the fans of the world to have an opportunity one day to go trough the gate as accurate as the real one. As a stargate fan I hope you understand and you will support me.

      I Thank you for your attention and I hope to hear from you soon so we can have an interesting and constructive discussion.


      Quentin Brichet

      • Hello, Mr. Brichet!

        Thank you for your timely and level headed response! I would like to clarify that at no point did I hope to have the prop community have you hung, drawn, and quartered and such! Over at the RPF I was simply bringing the situation to light and it seems things got very heated. However, if you read the thread, please note that I did try to keep things calm and did not resort to any sort of threats or name calling towards you! I genuinely do think your project is really freaking cool(and also something I’ve been working on for a long while myself as an avid Stargate collector and prop builder!).

        To clarify, about the recasting, just so that it’s clear, there is no one agreement about it(as with any community). However, generally, if you own the original most consider it ok to make molds and cast copies. So, in the situation we have here, yes, by all means, if you can afford the silicone and other materials to cast the rear of the gate which you own, then yes, that is generally considered all well and good!

        However, regardless of whether people agree that the copy I made is ok or not, making copies of copies is almost universally frowned upon! This is why I requested that you not continue by using copies of the chevron which I sold to you/your group.

        As far as methods and such, the chevron itself is a very easy prop to build. Foam core poster board and auto body filler + some sanding and you could have an excellent replica, especially by taking measurements from the one I sold you! Not only that, you could then make and sell copies of that as much as you feel comfortable online or at conventions(For example, you could make copies of your replica to “give” to people who donate larger sums of money to the project!).

        I have posted that I am in discourse with you directly over on my RPF thread and I tried to keep the peace, so to speak, however, the outcome of our conversation will go further to sway the opinion there one way or the other. However, it seems that it is individuals who purport to be your friends who have created the most negative response in the thread itself.

        Again, thank you for your prompt reply and very level headed response!

      • Haha, anyway the forum was overheating. Did you read my explanations on the RPF ?

        I understand what you did and why you did it, it’s all a question of time, if I could have answer you earlier you wouldn’t have post on the RPF.

        In my country we are innocent until proof of the contrary. So, the fact is that I couldn’t do anything and you were keeping critisizing me without taking care about the whole project idea, it was hard to handle. ^^’

        I think everyone will understand that I’m not just an evil recaster.

        I know all these things about recast, I read one month ago some topics on the RPF about it, but this time (I don’t understand why, maybe the lack of time)… I forget all about it, I’m very sorry. ^^’

        I already have a 1x1m panel of “Forex” that I plan to cut to do my chevron easily. So, wait and see. 😉

        One more thing, do you want to help me a little on this project ?

    • I permit myself to answer to your comment about this recast of Chevron.
      I’ve supported and followed this project since its beginning. Quentin is someone quite correct in his attitude and very conscientious as he explained. I hope that once you’ll have read his answer you’ll post a message on the RPF, to proof its good faith in this story.
      He says he’s ready to consider you and to change his plans and work, something perfectly normal in my eyes subsequent to an argument like this. He didn’t want to cause any arm to you.
      So, and I insist on it, I think it would be your duty to calm the people who, after your first message on the RPF, take literally him apart and will continue if you don’t give them this information.
      He’s a modest amateur, like many other practicing this passion and this remarkable work, and I think they would not have all answered positively to your request.
      He explained to you the reasons which led him to make a mold, and I find it unfair that he’s now crashed in the eyes of many people, whereas he didn’t plan to sell anything, whereas he’s more than ready to use another way to do his work. He answered you since yersterday and you keep critisizing him on the RPF for something he don’t plan to do !
      His project is just honorable and magnificent, supported and expected by many people, so I hope you’ll understand. We could all be understood if we were listening to each other.

  2. This is a cool project – conflict aside…

    If you have difficulty in mastering your own chevron, I will fabricate one for you for free.

    Thats right. For FREE, on the sole cause that i BELIEVE in the project of making a 1:1 stargate.

    I would be more than happy to build you a chevron that you can mold and replicate as many times as you like – I only ask three things.

    1. You need to reimburse me for the necessary materials, and you have to pay to have it shipped to your front door, other than that, I will donate all my time required to master this piece.

    2. You need to destroy the mold that you made of Mr. Johnson’s piece.

    3. you need to photograph and prove that it has indeed been destroyed.

    I feel that this is the only way all parties can see eye to eye.

    If anyone feels this doesnt work to the betterment of all, feel free to drop me a line through my website at http://www.brandomackproductions.com


    Brandon Mackay
    Vancouver, BC

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