Hi Everyone,

This is our article of the pre-summer for telling you the last news.

Fisrt of all, we are pleased to announce you that we’ll have a booth officially during the Comic Con in Paris from 5th to 8th July.
Call on us if you go that way !

Then, the true work begun with the reproduction of the Chevron, who was bought in auction. Through the measurements of it, we try to recreate it in forex.

Finally we’ll make a exercice-molding of the current Chevron, a “bad” cast that will only be used for our stand, which, if everything comes well, you will admire during the Comic Con.

As for the backpanel, it is AT LAST arrived in Paris, after a lots of detours, problems, some extra costs, and I pass over the details. It is now at Bra’Zat’s place.
You can admire it in his garden.

We intend to come one day before the exhibition in order to clean and make it présentable. It will therefore also join in.

Last of the main news: the creation of a forum.

http://projetstargate.forumgratuit.ch/ (still in French, it will be translated soon)

This forum allows to collect your comments, ideas and feelings, in a more simple and enjoyable surroundings than the blog, but also to discuss all the technical aspects of this project.
Feel free to present you on the way. :)

Oh, and I found in a flea market a new and complete SG1 series for 5 €. How can you beat that ? ^^

Great Summer to all !


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