We move on to serious matters ! Why ? Because for the first time since the beginning of the project, we spent money.

I explain:
Lately there were biddings to sell the last props of Stargate. We could find for example every single pieces of gate to build an entire segment, everything sold in groups. You will tell me ” That’s exactly what we need !” and you will be right. Unfortunately prices come easily to 5’000 $ and the bidding was beyond my means.

So why this big step ? Because we have recuperated a significant piece, that is to say, a complete back panel.


This piece will permit to realize quite pieces more easily, and it’ll not be too painful for me.

So we save time and earn money. I can add some percent to the blue slash that indicate the rate of the project.

I come now to complicated things…we will soon create the missing parts, and some moldings which will cost a lot. That’s why, in the next weeks, we are going to set up an association in order to recuperate the gifts and complete successfully the project (avoiding ruining me).
We are looking for support of science fiction events, but we need you too.

So, as soon as the possibilities of donations will start, don’t hesitate to give us something, if you are interested in this project, and if you believe it is possible to finish the gate for Your Great Pleasure. That could be only a little, but if every person who goes to this blog, gives a small sum, I think we really will be able to finish this Stargate !

An other information that should interest you : this piece of gate, and the V of the chevron bought sooner will be sold as soon they are no more useful. Don’t hesitate to make me an offer (without obligation to honor it) and I will keep you informed. That could maybe permit you to get one, without having to pass on a bidding site with the risk to miss it…this is the kind of opportunity who not happen regularly twice.



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