I received a 3D model, done by Betrand with Sketchup ! I advise you this program, it’s simple and intuitive, although a little limited.

This is a gate really close to the original, even by sizes, based on the same sources than me. I could use it like a base and compare it to my own model in order to correct directly the defaults. (To the naked eye I think we can say that it’s the most detailed 3D gate I have ever seen before)

Furthermore the frieze is very well drawn which was the part that I had still to draw, but I must say I haven’t had the courage until now, and this model offer a very good version.

So, this is a true gift that I had, who permit me to earn time about details.
Thank you very much to Bertrand, my second hero (with Zat who permit me to see his videos). ^^

I invite you to glance on his website : http://wagon-bertrand.fr/ it regroups his computer graphics works. There are very nice realizations, which are worth going out of your way a few minutes to see his book. =)



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