What’s the plan ?

I’m back from holidays ! (cf the article below) And I follow a important bid on ebay. I hope to manage to appropriate the reproduction of a chevron based on an original molding, it will permit to having a good start.
Please, don’t steal it to me. x)

I finished listing the curved lines who sit on some zones of the gate, on the ring, the chevron blade, etc.
You’ll notice too that I change a little the design of the blog. You can join us via Facebook now, and RSS flux too. I deleted some old posts who had some wrong informations, or could no longer be used.

I’m updating the plans, because I did the calculations again, and these weren’t precise enough. I don’t have the last informations for keep going, and I’m waiting mainly for a picture of the Stargate™ section, this vision of cut will permit to know how to create my model precisely.

I wrote the introduction again, it is now more complete. You can read it by clicking on the link at the top of the page, on the left.
I also updated a few articles with useful links, and added some new pictures in the posts who didn’t have one.


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