Inner ring : Lines

You certainly noticed that, on the central ring of the Stargate™, there are some lines, just like on most weapons and others goa’uld extravagances.

So I looked for these lines in order to draw them accurately. You have to know that there’s a line set for the outworld gate, and an other one for the SGC gate.
The SGC set of lines changed many times because of repairs during the different seasons.

So I was interested exclusively in the last versions of the line set. We find notably images in the “Stargate™ Artifact” catalog of Propworx, but it’s the single image that I had, I did my best with it.

If however you have in your possession this catalog and some time to use, you could check my drawing, and tell me if it’s correct.
There is the picture:

Maybe you will be surprised to see some lines who don’t follow each other….well it’s normal, that’s not an assembly default (as I thought first) but really a will of the artists who realized the gate.

I hope you still continue to follow the progress of the project with interest, don’t hesitate to write any comments here, you help me to speed up, whichever things you critizise.


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