Feedback : DbFx

I was kindly welcomed in the old premises of Rolex. It’s a little workshop that I discovered with several ongoing drafts. Sculptures, paintings, moldings, a helmet of a Kull Warrior, etc. It was beautiful.

I began to talk about the project, and Julien seems to know precisely how to do it (in fact he had already think about it for an other project). However he was very surprised to discover some images that I found, and was quite doubtful about the exterior size.

I will check everything because I want to realize plans at a scale 1:1 with the idea of referring to it later.

So the aim is to build everything with PVC sheets who will be stuck together (like a model). As for the reliefs, it’ll be sculpted with a milling machine.

I talked with Julien during an hour to know everything I needed, and it came out that it’s less complicated that I believed. No hundred kilos of clay, only some pieces of wood and some PVC.

You will see soon the plan progress and the last calculations. Then we will provide us with PVC, and let’s start the assembly. =)


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