Happiness !

I put you back in the context: I was at the Japan expo/ Comic con in Paris in order to see Zat at the Props Memorabilia’s stand. He showed me some confidential videos shooted by Propworx (that is now looking after the biddings of movies/series sets) during the dismantling of the Stargate™.

In fact, there were several videos about Atlantis sets, Icarus base, some costumes, the Dedalus, etc.
I could see a bit better how was the mechanism that do turn the ring, (we will come back on this subject soon because I’m not still totally certain) and the skeleton of the gate.
I saw the original sculpture; I really did things the hard way with the wooden and plaster project, and even with the polystyrene foam, in fact it’s simply a clay sculpture on a wooden plank.

I noticed that some pieces are not rigid, like the central ring for example, and that will be simpler to do.

Apart from that, I remind you that we’ll soon look for donations. In exchange we are engaging to produce a LARP in Stargate™’s world once a year in France, and the Gate would be rented for public or private occasions against payment (but that’s just an idea, we’re not sure of the laws that applies in this last case).

Zat had the good idea to propose me to sell some pieces of gate to fans (pieces of test, otherwise we will never finish the Stargate™).

It’s not our intention to have a shop, the most interested people, and unfortunately the bigger payers will have them. What do you think about it ?

And to end with, it is possible that we set up a swiss-french association around this project, it’s only an idea for the moment, but it could be developed.


Here are the news, afterwards I’m going to go to DbFx workshop in Geneva around the 11-15 July, in order to ask for advises; “your project is really cool and your ideas are not bad, but you’re all wrong” they said to me.
The sculpture work will really start from the 25th July. Between now and after I’ll post some articles on my research.

P.S. You’ll certainly recognize the costume in the picture below. =)


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